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20 Jun 2019

UK Museums - Protection From Court-Ordered Seizure For Loaned Artworks

UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has vowed to protect objects on loan from abroad in temporary exhibitions in UK museums from seizure by the UK courts. Works of art on display in a museum or gallery where the museum has published information about the objects on loan is now covered. This does, however, raise questions about restituted works of art from the Nazi Era.

Article in Artlyst

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06 Jun 2019

Antiquities' Looted from Yemen sold at Auction

At least 100 artifacts from Yemen have been successfully sold at auction for an estimated $1 million in the U.S., Europe and the United Arab Emirates since 2011, according to a Live Science investigation into the country's so-called "blood antiquities."

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23 May 2019

University research on “Restatement of Restitution Rules”

In April 2019, research began at the University of Bonn on international practice in the restitution of artworks stolen under the Nazi regime. The project aims to provide a comprehensive, comparative analysis of international practice in the restitution of Nazi-looted art. It aims to establish a generalized set of rules on how decisions are made based on considerations of fairness and justice.

More (Engslich text follows the German)

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14 May 2019

Freeports or free crime? An opinion by L. Todd in the Washington Times


The Washington Times published an opinion by L. Todd on how tax-exempt warehouses contribute to some $899 billion laundered each year globally.


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07 May 2019

First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis 2019

Four institutions are organizing this year’s course on First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis. The course will take place in Rome from Nοvember 11th to December 5th. Deadline to apply: 31. May 2019

More: iccrom 

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24 Apr 2019

More than 30 000 ancient artefacts seized in crime bust to be returned to Bulgaria from Spain

More than 30 000 illegally exported ancient artefacts seized in a bust of an organised crime group in Spain and Bulgaria are to be returned to Bulgaria, the Prosecutor’s Office said on April 18. At a co-ordination meeting of investigators held on April 11 2019 at Eurojust headquarters in The Hague, it was agreed that the trial would be in Spain, where most of the suspects were held.

The Sofia Globe

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12 Apr 2019

EU adopts new rules on cultural heritage imports

The European Council yesterday adopted new rules to clamp down on the illicit trafficking in cultural goods, including a requirement for import licences on artefacts more than 250 years old.

The Art Newspaper

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05 Apr 2019

Lawsuit concerning ownership of a Matisse rejected by Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court declined to hear a case that worked its way up through the US justice system concerning the legal ownership of a painting by Henri Matisse. Portrait of Greta Moll, made in 1908, resides in the stores at London’s National Gallery.


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28 Mar 2019

The Salzburg Global Seminar - this time on the Future of Cultural Heritage

The 416th Session of the Salzburg Global Seminar (SGS) was on the Future of Cultural Heritage and the Hellenic Society for Law and Archaeology was there. Thanks to the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, the co-founder of the HSLA Ira Kaliampetsos took part at this extraordinary session as a Fulbright Fellow. Great insides, new ideas, new partnerships.

More on this Session of the SGS


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28 Mar 2019

Italy and China team up to fight looting

Italy and China have agreed to join forces and fight the illegal trafficking of antiquities as part of an agreement signed between the two countries. The Italian government also announced it will return 796 objects that had been illegally exported to Italy from China after a court in Milan ruled last November that the items should be repatriated. The Art Newspaper


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