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23 Feb 2019

Holocaust-era art restitution: more complex than you think


A rush to judgement has resulted in notable errors, with some "Nazi-looted" art having been purchased legally. An article by Jane Kallir.


Article: The Art Newspaper



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18 Feb 2019

Met hands over an Egyptian coffin that it says was looted

Less than two years after an acquisition, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that it had handed over a first-century BC gilded coffin to the Manhattan district attorney for return to the Egyptian government after discovering that it had been looted in 2011.

Article: The Art Newspaper


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08 Feb 2019

Museum of Scotland says Egyptian pyramid stone is not stolen

Gordon Rintoul, director of the Museum of Scotland, insisted it had all the correct paperwork to show that a casing stone from the Great Pyramid of Giza was lawfully taken out of Egypt on behalf of Charles Piazzi Smyth nearly 140 years ago.

Source: The Guardian

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06 Feb 2019

Germany allocates €1.9m for museums to research colonial-era acquisitions

An eight-member panel including Bénédicte Savoy will assess grant applications

Article: The Art Newspaper

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06 Feb 2019

The government of UK has announced plans to widen the definition of "treasure".

The UK government has announced plans to widen the definition of treasure. At present, only items that are at least 300 years old and made substantially of gold or silver, or which are found with artefacts of precious metals, can be declared treasure, so long as an owner cannot be found.

                            Article: The Guardian

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03 Feb 2019

Jean-Claude Juncker must close tax loopholes at Luxembourg freeport, MEP says

Members of the European Parliament are stepping up their fight against alleged money laundering and tax evasion through the use of freeports—high-security warehouses which hold art and other valuable assets, such as cars, wine and jewellery, tax free.

Article: The Art Newspaper

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31 Jan 2019

Geneva Summer School - International Cultural Heritage Law

 This years course in International Cultural Heritage Law by the Geneva Summer School will take place on 17 -28 July 2019. It is organized by the Art-Law Centre and the UNESCO Chair in the International Law of the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the University of Geneva, in collaboration with the University of Miami School of Law. We strongly recommend!

More: The Geneva Summer School

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28 Jan 2019

British Museum ‘rules out’ returning Elgin Marbles

The director of the British Museum has appeared to rule out returning the Elgin Marbles to Greece after its government demanded Britain open negotiations over their return last year. 

Article  plus video:Independent

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18 Jan 2019

How to protect Chinese national relics on loan

A museum's lending process has sparked outrage and raised questions. The question of how to protect national treasures on loan to overseas exhibitions is gaining traction on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.


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10 Jan 2019

A special unit to protect or retrieve ancient treasures is being formed by the British Army.

The 15-strong Cultural Property Protection Unit will be tasked with retrieving works stolen by terrorists, investigations into looting, the protection of ancient objects and reporting on sites of interest to the British military.

Source: Forces Network

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