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11 Oct 2019

U.S. Attorney Announces Civil Action

Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced today that the United States filed a civil lawsuit to resolve potential claims to “Site avec 5 personnages” (the “Painting”), an acrylic work on canvas by renowned 20th century-artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) that was last known to be the personal property of Michel Cohen (“Cohen”), a former art dealer who has been under indictment for wire and mail fraud since 2003. 

Press Release of U.S. Attorney's Office - Southern District of New York


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11 Oct 2019

Money laundering, trafficking, ivory: crackdown on art crime intensifies

Pressure on the UK’s art trade is increasing as it faces a wave of legislative changes and increased attention from enforcement agencies. As UK courts introduced new sentencing guidelines for criminal damage to heritage assets on 1 October, the trade was counting down to the anti-money-laundering regulations that are coming into force in January and pushing for a judicial review of the contentious Ivory Act 2018.

The Art Newspaper

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08 Oct 2019

'Manhattan of the desert': civil war puts Yemen's ancient skyscrapers at risk

In addition to the conflict’s huge human cost, Yemen’s rich cultural heritage has been ravaged, from the Queen of Sheba’s reputed throne room to the mudbrick high-rises of Shibam.
Article by Bethan McKernan in Shibam, Yemen in The Guardian

Article in The Guardian

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04 Oct 2019

Art works: New method of money laundering

[...] Unlike banks, life insurance companies, casinos, currency exchangers, and even precious-metals dealers, auction houses and art sellers have no obligation to report large cash transactions to a governing authority. In fact, dealers can keep the names of buyers and sellers anonymous.

Read full article here


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23 Sep 2019

Nazi plunder? Fight over prized artwork set for Rochester court

A treasured artwork owned by a Pittsford man has become the subject of an international legal dispute centered on allegations that Nazis stole the work from its rightful owners during World War II. Christie's, the auction house that agreed in 2016 to sell the portrait, will not allow the sale to go forward until the ownership issue is decided.

Read the article here


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22 Sep 2019

Paris art sale goes ahead despite Mexico protests

A controversial sale of pre-Columbian art went ahead in Paris on Wednesday despite calls from Mexico and UNESCO for it to be halted. The Mexican government filed a formal complaint against the auction of 120 religious and cultural artefacts from several private collections, including sacred jewellery worn by a shaman and the figurine of a fertility goddess.

France24 - Full article

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15 Sep 2019

Greek Culture Minister Mendoni Slams British Museum Over Parthenon Gallery’s Condition

“The situation, as presented in photographs published in the press today, is very frustrating for the British Museum, and extremely offensive to the exhibits themselves, especially when these exhibits are no other than the Parthenon Sculptures”, Mendoni declared.

Greek Reporter

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15 Sep 2019

Europe moves to curb ISIS antiquity trafficking

{...} The EU’s latest amended money laundering law takes effect in 2020. It will impose new rules of transparency on galleries and auction houses regarding their transactions, and it will impose sanctions if the operators do not comply. The EU is also urging all its member states to further populate Interpol’s databases on stolen goods and illegal antiquities to boost cross-border prosecutions.{..}

Atlantic Council

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04 Sep 2019

Greece drafting proposal to seek loan of Marbles

Greece is preparing a formal request to borrow the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum for the 2021 celebrations of Greece’s 200-year independence from Turkish rule, Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said Tuesday.

Article by Kathimerini


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30 Aug 2019

Landmark Supreme Court ruling on returning artworks illicitly exported to country of origin

In a recent decision, the Swiss Supreme Court clarified the requirements to be met by countries of origin when requesting the return of artworks allegedly illicitly exported by their legitimate owners, thus absent any issues of ownership.

An Article published by Lexology

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