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14 Feb 2020

The Geneva Summer Schools: International Cultural Heritage Law

The summer school aims to develop the students’ awareness and general understanding of the main substantive themes of international cultural heritage law, namely: the trade in cultural objects; the restitution of stolen or looted artworks; the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict; and the protection of the built heritage from natural and human-induced disasters.

Final deadline: 15.04.2020                        More information here


14 Feb 2020

The Regulation of American Archaeology

[....] The first and most significant federal law governing archaeology is the Antiquities Act of 1906. This act was the first to establish penalties for illegal excavations, damage, or appropriation of American antiquities. These penalties, however, only apply when the illegal action takes place on land “owned or controlled” by the federal government. The act also authorizes the President to declare historic landmarks as national monuments. [...]

The Regulatory Review

12 Feb 2020

Innovative technology could help combat money laundering

The world of art and antiques is the largest lawful unregulated business on the planet, and art crime is estimated to be second to the illegal narcotics trade in terms of annual revenue generated. With the sector being so lenient on legislation, it has found itself favoured by those seeking to launder their money.


05 Feb 2020

German court rules in favour of Nazi-looted art database

A German court has ruled that the current possessor of a work of art cannot stop a claimant from registering it on a government database of Nazi-looted art in the latest in a series of legal challenges to listings on 

The Art Newspaper

02 Feb 2020

UK to Assist Nigeria in Retrieving Ife Bronze Head

The United Kingdom has offered to assist Nigeria in retrieving the Ife Bronze Head, an antiquity stolen at National Museum, Jos in 1987 and found with a Belgian collector in London, about 30 years after.

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παλαιγενεῖς δὲ μοίρας φθίσας.

-Aeschylus Eumenides, 172


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