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15 Sep 2019

Greek Culture Minister Mendoni Slams British Museum Over Parthenon Gallery’s Condition

“The situation, as presented in photographs published in the press today, is very frustrating for the British Museum, and extremely offensive to the exhibits themselves, especially when these exhibits are no other than the Parthenon Sculptures”, Mendoni declared.

Greek Reporter

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15 Sep 2019

Europe moves to curb ISIS antiquity trafficking

{...} The EU’s latest amended money laundering law takes effect in 2020. It will impose new rules of transparency on galleries and auction houses regarding their transactions, and it will impose sanctions if the operators do not comply. The EU is also urging all its member states to further populate Interpol’s databases on stolen goods and illegal antiquities to boost cross-border prosecutions.{..}

Atlantic Council

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04 Sep 2019

Greece drafting proposal to seek loan of Marbles

Greece is preparing a formal request to borrow the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum for the 2021 celebrations of Greece’s 200-year independence from Turkish rule, Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said Tuesday.

Article by Kathimerini


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30 Aug 2019

Landmark Supreme Court ruling on returning artworks illicitly exported to country of origin

In a recent decision, the Swiss Supreme Court clarified the requirements to be met by countries of origin when requesting the return of artworks allegedly illicitly exported by their legitimate owners, thus absent any issues of ownership.

An Article published by Lexology

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27 Aug 2019

Greek Ministry of Culture Pursues Legal Claim to Artifact vs. Sotheby’s

The Greek Ministry of Culture reiterates its claim of dominion over a bronze sculpture from the 8th century BC, an object the Ministry reasonably believes was illegally exported from Greek territory. The Greek Ministry moved to dismiss the case, but on June 21, 2019, the court denied Greece’s motion, finding that the court had subject matter jurisdiction over the case pursuant to the commercial activity exception of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

Full Article in the National Herald

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17 Aug 2019

United States and Algeria Sign Cultural Property Agreement

This agreement places U.S. import restrictions on categories of Algerian archaeological material dating from 2.4 million years ago to approximately 1750 A.D..

Article by Stl.News

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10 Aug 2019

Law, Culture and Human Rights in Asia and the Middle East

An international conference on Law, Culture and Human Rights in Asia and the Middle East is to be held on Feb. 14, 2020 at the British Institute of International & Comparative Law, Russell Square, London. The conference will focus on the topic of Culture and Cultural Heritage in Asia and the Middle East, addressing culture and cultural heritage in times of peace and armed conflicts in the region.

More information here


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26 Jul 2019

Bonhams withdraw ancient Greek drinking vessel

Bonhams has withdrawn an ancient Greek drinking vessel from sale amid accusations that it was excavated illegally and that major auction-houses are failing to make adequate checks into whether antiquities were looted from their country of origin.

The Telegraph

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17 Jul 2019

Ms. Lina Mendoni is the new Minister of Culture

With extensive experience under her belt, Mendoni, an archaeologist, has presided over the Central Archaeological Committee (ΚΑΣ), worked on dozens of excavations including the Amphipolis site, served as culture ministry secretary general, and supervised Olympic works, among others, in her long-standing career in culture.

Article on "gtp Headlines"

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15 Jul 2019

What Happens When an Artwork Is Damaged beyond Repair

An article by Elene Goukassian  in Artsynet.

Full Article here

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